Frequently Asked Questioned about Raise

What is The Raise App

Raise is a virtual assistant, supporting parents and caregivers in the journey of raising and developing children with a database of activities classified into 5 development groups: physical, cognitive, language, psychological – social, and aesthetic (guided by the Ministry of Education and Training along with Educational and Child Development organizations).

Based on children’s and users’ information, Raise provides personalized, daily activity content for adults to do with children. In addition to simple, easy-to-understand suggestions and instructions, Raise allows users to record activities, save experiences with children, evaluate, share and manage children’s development. Raise also understands that the journey of raising children is a journey of the whole family, so Raise allows users to optimize sharing and bonding activities in the family through the Family function.

Who should use The Raise App

Parents and carers of children aged 0-15 years.

In version 1.0, Raise focuses on the group of people who raise children from 0-6 years old, using the Vietnamese language.

In the next version, Raise will provide content in English to serve many families, in many other countries.

Is there a fee to use Raise

You and your loved ones can download the Raise app on your smartphone for FREE via the App Store (for iPhone users) or Google Play (for Android users).

Raise is committed to not collecting any fees from users for the basic services that we are currently providing on the App. In other words, users can experience and fully enjoy Raise’s features completely free in 2022.

Which method of education does Raise apply?

The activities that Raise provides are developed based on the Play-based Learning method. Simply put: children learn fastest through playing. While playing, children explore, take risks, develop their imaginations, and solve problems.

According to UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), scientific research over the past 30 years has taught us that the most important period of human development is from birth to eight years of age. These years are the foundation to help a person mature in all areas: cognitive, psychological, physical, linguistic, and aesthetic.

According to the researchers, playing is one of the most important ways for children to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills. Playing comes in many forms, and people of all ages, cultures, economies, communities, and beliefs know how to “play” and easily engage in these activities.

Does the content of Raise have a scientific basis?

All content provided by Raise is developed based on proven scientific methods and applied by leading child-rearing experts in Vietnam and around the world.

In version 1.0, Raise focuses on activities based on the Montessori method, which has been developed since the 1900s. This method is currently applied in over 25,000 schools worldwide.

In Vietnam, the Montessori method has been developing strongly in the past decade, with hundreds of Montessori schools, thousands of education experts, and tens of thousands of parents supporting it.

What is the educational orientation of Raise?

Each family, parent, and caregiver has unique expectations for their child. From Raise’s educational perspective, we encourage parents to raise their children to be healthy, confident, and happy people.

Many educational methods will be introduced in Raise for the caregiver to choose from. However, Raise’s educational orientation is consistent with the following views:

  • Every child is unique
  • Taking children as the center, promoting children’s self-learning ability and initiative
  • Adults act as companions, young guides
  • Don’t put pressure on performance, grades, or competition
  • Respect children’s differences and natural development
  • Filled with love and respect
How many children can I create a profile for?

Users can create up to 10 children on 1 account registered to use Raise.

With each child’s profile being a different display, caregivers can capture information and manage the child’s development in the easiest and most intelligent way.

How many people can I invite to the Family Group?

Users can invite up to 50 people in the Family group to have access to children’s information.

​Admin in the Family group (creator) has the right to delegate, invite or delete group member information.

Why should I creat a Family Group

Behind every child is a family. Let Raise help you connect with loved ones who participate in daily activities and stay informed about your child’s development.

The fact that all family members understand the child’s development process will create conditions for the child to develop more comprehensively.

Why should I provide information in my child’s profile?

Raise understands that every child is unique and every parenting journey is special. To personalize and customize plans for your child, Raise will need you to provide some information about your child’s age, gender, and prioritized activities.​

From this initial information, Raise helps you design activities according to the child’s age and stage of development, customized depending on the individual orientation of each caregiver.

Is my family’s and my information secure?

Raise is committed to keeping all information provided by you or collected by us from you during your use of the App confidential and not disclosed to any third parties in accordance with the Laws unless required to do so. from the competent state agency.​

For detailed information, please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at the Raise app or website https://theraise.app.