The Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) is an integral part of the Terms of Use for the Application provided by Lab 29. The Policy is designed with the aim of transparency to access, collect, process, use, transfer, and secure information, as well as better protect the rights and interests of users with the terms and conditions below.

Purpose of Information Collection

Lab 29 collects information for the following purposes:

  • User support: providing lessons for children and/or parent-child activities appropriate for the child’s age and developmental stages.
  • Account maintenance: creating, maintaining, and connecting a user’s account with the Application.
  • Personalization: aiming to aggregate collected data to have a complete view of a consumer and thereby allow Lab 29 to better serve with stronger personalization in various aspects. including but not limited to (i) improving and personalizing the user experience on the Application (ii) improving utilities, and services, regulating children’s activities and offering many new and useful activities suitable for each age group.
  • Security: preventing user account destruction activities or user tampering activities.
  • Commercial purpose: providing user-oriented trade promotion suggestions.
  • As required by law: depending on the provisions of law from time to time, Lab 29 may collect, process, store and provide at the request of competent state agencies.
Scope of Information Collection

By downloading and using the Application, the user is deemed to have agreed to voluntarily provide information as well as allow Lab 29 to use the following information including but not limited to:

  • Personal information: the information the user provides to Lab 29 to confirm the account such as name, phone number, personal identifier, residential address, email address, occupation, father’s date of birth/ mother/caregiver, name, age, gender, height index, the weight of the child and other personal information necessary for account registration and use of the Application (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”).
  • General information: information about phone configuration, user’s phone software, and Application version on the user’s phone.
  • Contact list: Lab 29 will store the user’s contacts on the server to best support the use of the Application and avoid data loss.
  • Other information that the Application is granted access to on the user’s device and information provided during use.

Personal Information will be stored until the user requests to cancel or the user performs the necessary actions to proceed with the cancellation. In all cases, the user’s personal information will be kept confidential on Lab 29’s servers.

Users' Personal Information Sharing

Lab 29 will not provide users’ Personal Information to any third parties, except for the following necessary activities:

  • To other members of Lab 29 for the purposes described in this Policy: Other members of Lab 29 include organizations, individuals, subsidiaries, affiliates, branches, representative offices, places of business, or any other commercial presence of Lab 29 whether in Vietnam or on a global scale.
  • For affiliated, co-executive, outsourced programs for the purposes set out in Section 1. Personal Information security requirements are always applied.
  • To a third party in the event of a reorganization, merger, sale, joint venture, appointment, transfer, or other arrangements of all or part in the business, assets, or shares/contributions of Lab 29 (including in connection with bankruptcy, dissolution or similar proceedings).
  • To state agencies or competent organizations and individuals, when the disclosure and provision of information are determined to be the obligation of Lab 29.
  • To a third party that has the function of storing, managing, or ensuring data security and safety in the event of other emergencies in which sharing information is necessary to limit damage/loss occurring to Personal Information or to Lab 29 operations such as situations of attack/data theft/virus spread, malicious code, etc.
  • To the subjects to which the transfer of Personal Information has been expressly and voluntarily consented by the user.
International Transfer of Personal Information

Users’ Personal Information may be transferred from the country, state, and city (“Home Country”) where the user is present while using Lab 29’s services to a country, state, and another city (“Alternate Country”).

When Lab 29 transfers a user’s Personal Information from the Home Country to the Alternate Country, Lab 29 will comply with legal and regulatory obligations related to the user’s Personal Information, including having the legal basis for the transfer of Personal Information, and adopt appropriate safeguards to ensure an adequate level of protection of Personal Information. Lab 29 will also ensure that recipients located in an Alternate Country are obligated to protect users’ Personal Information to a standard of protection equivalent to that under applicable law.

Data Security

Lab 29 always strives to keep users’ Personal Information safe, Lab 29 has been implementing many safety measures, including:

  • Ensuring safety in the operating environment: Lab 29 stores users’ Personal Information in a safe operating environment and can only be accessed by employees, representatives, service providers and related entities. access on a need-to-know basis.
  • However, unfortunately, there are no measures that can guarantee absolute safety for users’ data such as attacks from third parties, the spread of viruses, malicious code, or other malicious software. Unexpected incidents such as natural disasters, floods, fires, thefts, data appropriation or even requests from authorized organizations and individuals…etc and Lab 29 will not bear any any responsibility if the user’s Personal Data is disclosed under these circumstances.
  • If the user has reason to believe that his/her interaction and provision of information with Lab 29 is no longer secure (such as compromised accounts, stolen information, etc.), users please notify us. Immediately notify Lab 29 of this issue by contacting Lab 29 using the “Contact Information” section below for assistance.
Rights to Personal Information

Users have the right to provide Personal Information to Lab 29 and may change that decision at any time.

Users have the right to self-check, update, adjust, and cancel their Personal Information by logging into their account and editing Personal Information or by contacting Lab 29 according to the “Contact Information” section below to request Lab 29 to do so. However, This action may affect the use of the Application to varying degrees.

Information Collection and Management Unit

Lab 29 is the unit that collects, manages, and uses information with the contact address in the contact section of the Terms of Use.


Lab 29 reserves the right to cancel, modify, update or adjust the terms of this Policy at any time by publishing the updated Policy on Lab’s Application 29. By continuing to use the Application of Lab 29 following amendments, updates or modifications to this Policy, the user indicates acceptance of such modifications, updates or adjustments. If any part of this Policy is inconsistent with the law from time to time, it will not affect the validity of other provisions set forth in the Policy.