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General Introduction

Raise is a smart mobile application developed by Lab 29 – a Technology Accelerator, gathered by leading and experienced experts in the fields of education and information technology.

Raise understands the needs of parents in modern society and wishes to create a healthy, creative community which is ready to develop healthy, confident, happy children and brighter futures for the next generations.

Raise 1.0 version was released on Google Play and App Store in April, 2022, aimed to serve the community of millions Vietnamese parents who are raising children aged 0-6 years old providing Play-based Learning method – encouraged by global educational institutions and experts.​

Raise 1.0 provides 03 main functions:

  1. Raise Play: suggest daily activities according to 05 development groups: Physical, Cognitive, Language, Aesthetic and Psycho-Social. These activities are customized to each child and caregiver profile.

  2. Raise Explore: provides a digital library of activities under 05 comprehensive development groups for users to read and research.

  3. Raise Manage: connect caregivers within the Family Group, jointly manage Child Performance and Milestone.

The application is free for all users to download on 02 mobile platforms: Android and IoS.

Terms of use

The Raise App is an educational mobile application established, managed, and operated by Lab29 Vietnam Joint Stock Company (called “Lab 29” or “we/us” below). The company operates under the Business Registration Certificate No. 0109912861 issued for the first time by the Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment on February 22, 2022.

Consent to use the Raise application means that the user (hereinafter referred to as “you” or “the User”) agrees to the terms and conditions of the Raise Application Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Use”) set forth below.

Application Introduction

Raise is a smartphone application with features to assist parents and caregivers in child development (hereinafter referred to as the “Application”).

Based on the child’s information provided by the user, the Application offers personalized daily activities for parents and caregivers to interact with the child. In addition to simple, easy-to-understand suggestions and instructions, the Application allows users to record, store experiences with children, evaluate, share and manage children’s development.

The Application provides key features including:

  • Raise Play: suggest activities in 5 development groups suitable for each child’s age, including: Physical, Cognitive, Language, Aesthetic and Emotional-Social Skills. These activities are customized based on the profile of each child and caregiver.
  • Raise Explore: provides a digital library of activities in 5 comprehensive development groups for users to read and research.
  • Raise Manage: Behind every child is a whole family, so the App connects caregivers in a family group to jointly manage children’s records and performance.
Installation and Account Registration

Users can download the Application on smartphones for free via App Store (for iOS users) or Google Play (for Android users).

To use the Application, Users must create (register) an account containing the information required by the Application. Users are responsible for the accuracy and sufficiency of the information provided. All rights and obligations of Users are based on the account information registered on the Application. Therefore, Lab 29 will not take responsibility in case errors in the information provided affect or limit the rights of users. From time to time, the amount of information you provide to register for an account might vary. The Application may ask you to add, update information during your usage or perform necessary authentication steps to continue using your account.

Application Usage

To fully exploit the Application and avoid unfortunate violations, you are recommended to carefully read the instructions provided by us. If you have any questions about the Application, please contact us using the information in the Contact section for timely support.

Upgrade and Maintenance

In order to provide the most satisfactory and diverse experiences as well as resolve errors (if any), we reserve the right to have updates or maintenance of the Application at suitable times. When performing these operations, the Application might have changes in the interface, features, usage, etc., and we are not bound by the obligation to guarantee the same conditions of use as the previous versions. Please ensure that you access with the appropriate hardware and software devices to use the Application version after maintenance or upgrades.

Permission for the Application Access

By using the Application, Users grants Lab 29 permission to use the following API systems to access data on the phone:

  • Read and write on the contact list with consent;
  • Get your current location with consent;
  • Access to the Mic, Camera, and Storage system with consent;
  • Record data of Application on the memory card, hard drive;
  • Access the Internet from your device.

All of these accesses are performed only after being allowed by Users, so by this consent, Users agree to grant permission to Lab 29, or Users will have no complaints against Lab 29 regarding this access. In some cases, if you refuse to allow access or do not provide full access, the Application may not work or function with insufficient features.

Prohibited Behaviors

Lab 29 does not approve any use of the Application and/or its resources for any of the following:

  • Acts against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam;
  • Infringing upon the individual liberties and confidential information of others; and/or humiliate, defame, libel others; and/or harm or disadvantage others;
  • Disturbing public order; and/or criminal offenses;
  • Dissemination and distribution of information by third parties without their consent;
  • Use for business and/or commercial purposes without our prior written consent, such as contests, betting, barter, advertising or illegal multi-level marketing;
  • Transmit virus-infected computer files that damage the operation of other computers and mobile devices;
  • Use of any device, software and/or process to infringe or intentionally interfere with the operation of the Application;
  • Any actions that are illegal and/or prohibited by the respective laws;
  • Acts of infringing upon legitimate rights and interests Lab 29;
  • Any action that we consider inappropriate.
Violations Handling

Lab 29 uses two systems to moderate violations and check the authenticity of content: (1) a team of moderators and (2) automated moderation.

In case the user violates any provisions of these Terms of Use, Lab 29 reserves the right to immediately suspend, block (temporarily or permanently) or delete your account, all information, infringing content, and/or take any measure that Lab 29 deems necessary to prevent, limit, resolve, and terminate the violations. Simultaneously, depending on the nature and extent of the violation, the user will have to take responsibility to the competent authority, Lab 29, and third parties for any damage caused by or resulting from the user’s violation.

Intellectual Property Rights

The Application is developed and owned by Lab 29. All intellectual property rights related to the Application (including but not limited to the source code, images, data, information, content contained in the Application, modifications, additions, updates of the Application) and related documents (if any) are owned exclusively by Lab 29. No individual or organization is allowed to copy, reproduce, or redistributed for any purpose without Lab 29’s written consent and permission.

Fees and Charges

Lab 29 does not collect any fees from users for downloading and using some of the services currently provided. To clarify, this does not restrict Lab 29 from charging in the upcoming times or charging for premium/exclusive features that Lab 29 develops on the Application. We will fully and accurately notify you of the fee(s) that may be incurred from time to time and you have the right to know and agree before these charges are applied. We could integrate payment support systems on the Application to make the payment convenient and fast.

Advertisements and Commercial Content distributed by the Applicaiton

When using the Application, Users acknowledge that Lab 29 has the right to use the user’s non-identifying information to provide targeted advertising content to the right audience.

Caution From Your Side

To the best of our ability, we will take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of your account and the information you share on the Application. Unfortunately, however, there is no absolute protection without vulnerabilities. Therefore, from your side, please be careful and take the necessary measures to protect your account information from infringements from third parties.

In addition, when providing and using the information of minors (under 18 years old) on the Application, please ensure that you have the right to provide and use such information and take responsibility if there is any risk to such information.


Lab 29 is committed to keeping all information provided by users or collected by us in the course of using the Application in accordance with Lab 29’s privacy policy.

Right of Reservation

Lab 29 reserves the right to modify, amend, supplement or cancel any provision of the Terms of Use at any time regarded appropriate. Modifications, amendments, supplements or cancellations of the Terms of Use or policies related to the Application will be effective immediately upon publication through the Application.

Lab 29 may issue new notices to users regarding newly updated information to the Application that Lab 29 considers important and necessary to the user. However, this is not an automatic obligation of Lab 29 for certain information to be considered binding on users. It is the user’s responsibility to actively update changes and adjustments that may affect their rights and responsibilities.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these Terms of Use, please contact us by:

Lab 29 Vietnam Joint Stock Company 

Address: 9th floor, TH Office Tower 21, house number 3, lane 98 Vu Trong Phung, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Email: [email protected]


Privacy policy

The Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) is an integral part of the Terms of Use for the Application provided by Lab 29. The Policy is designed with the aim of transparency to access, collect, process, use, transfer, and secure information, as well as better protect the rights and interests of users with the terms and conditions below.

Purpose of Information Collection

Lab 29 collects information for the following purposes:

  • User support: providing lessons for children and/or parent-child activities appropriate for the child’s age and developmental stages.
  • Account maintenance: creating, maintaining, and connecting a user’s account with the Application.
  • Personalization: aiming to aggregate collected data to have a complete view of a consumer and thereby allow Lab 29 to better serve with stronger personalization in various aspects. including but not limited to (i) improving and personalizing the user experience on the Application (ii) improving utilities, and services, regulating children’s activities and offering many new and useful activities suitable for each age group.
  • Security: preventing user account destruction activities or user tampering activities.
  • Commercial purpose: providing user-oriented trade promotion suggestions.
  • As required by law: depending on the provisions of law from time to time, Lab 29 may collect, process, store and provide at the request of competent state agencies.
Scope of Information Collection

By downloading and using the Application, the user is deemed to have agreed to voluntarily provide information as well as allow Lab 29 to use the following information including but not limited to:

  • Personal information: the information the user provides to Lab 29 to confirm the account such as name, phone number, personal identifier, residential address, email address, occupation, father’s date of birth/ mother/caregiver, name, age, gender, height index, the weight of the child and other personal information necessary for account registration and use of the Application (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”).
  • General information: information about phone configuration, user’s phone software, and Application version on the user’s phone.
  • Contact list: Lab 29 will store the user’s contacts on the server to best support the use of the Application and avoid data loss.
  • Other information that the Application is granted access to on the user’s device and information provided during use.

Personal Information will be stored until the user requests to cancel or the user performs the necessary actions to proceed with the cancellation. In all cases, the user’s personal information will be kept confidential on Lab 29’s servers.

Users' Personal Information Sharing

Lab 29 will not provide users’ Personal Information to any third parties, except for the following necessary activities:

  • To other members of Lab 29 for the purposes described in this Policy: Other members of Lab 29 include organizations, individuals, subsidiaries, affiliates, branches, representative offices, places of business, or any other commercial presence of Lab 29 whether in Vietnam or on a global scale.
  • For affiliated, co-executive, outsourced programs for the purposes set out in Section 1. Personal Information security requirements are always applied.
  • To a third party in the event of a reorganization, merger, sale, joint venture, appointment, transfer, or other arrangements of all or part in the business, assets, or shares/contributions of Lab 29 (including in connection with bankruptcy, dissolution or similar proceedings).
  • To state agencies or competent organizations and individuals, when the disclosure and provision of information are determined to be the obligation of Lab 29.
  • To a third party that has the function of storing, managing, or ensuring data security and safety in the event of other emergencies in which sharing information is necessary to limit damage/loss occurring to Personal Information or to Lab 29 operations such as situations of attack/data theft/virus spread, malicious code, etc.
  • To the subjects to which the transfer of Personal Information has been expressly and voluntarily consented by the user.
International Transfer of Personal Information

Users’ Personal Information may be transferred from the country, state, and city (“Home Country”) where the user is present while using Lab 29’s services to a country, state, and another city (“Alternate Country”).

When Lab 29 transfers a user’s Personal Information from the Home Country to the Alternate Country, Lab 29 will comply with legal and regulatory obligations related to the user’s Personal Information, including having the legal basis for the transfer of Personal Information, and adopt appropriate safeguards to ensure an adequate level of protection of Personal Information. Lab 29 will also ensure that recipients located in an Alternate Country are obligated to protect users’ Personal Information to a standard of protection equivalent to that under applicable law.

Data Security

Lab 29 always strives to keep users’ Personal Information safe, Lab 29 has been implementing many safety measures, including:

  • Ensuring safety in the operating environment: Lab 29 stores users’ Personal Information in a safe operating environment and can only be accessed by employees, representatives, service providers and related entities. access on a need-to-know basis.
  • However, unfortunately, there are no measures that can guarantee absolute safety for users’ data such as attacks from third parties, the spread of viruses, malicious code, or other malicious software. Unexpected incidents such as natural disasters, floods, fires, thefts, data appropriation or even requests from authorized organizations and individuals…etc and Lab 29 will not bear any any responsibility if the user’s Personal Data is disclosed under these circumstances.
  • If the user has reason to believe that his/her interaction and provision of information with Lab 29 is no longer secure (such as compromised accounts, stolen information, etc.), users please notify us. Immediately notify Lab 29 of this issue by contacting Lab 29 using the “Contact Information” section below for assistance.
Rights to Personal Information

Users have the right to provide Personal Information to Lab 29 and may change that decision at any time.

Users have the right to self-check, update, adjust, and cancel their Personal Information by logging into their account and editing Personal Information or by contacting Lab 29 according to the “Contact Information” section below to request Lab 29 to do so. However, This action may affect the use of the Application to varying degrees.

Information Collection and Management Unit

Lab 29 is the unit that collects, manages, and uses information with the contact address in the contact section of the Terms of Use.


Lab 29 reserves the right to cancel, modify, update or adjust the terms of this Policy at any time by publishing the updated Policy on Lab’s Application 29. By continuing to use the Application of Lab 29 following amendments, updates or modifications to this Policy, the user indicates acceptance of such modifications, updates or adjustments. If any part of this Policy is inconsistent with the law from time to time, it will not affect the validity of other provisions set forth in the Policy.


Frequently Asked Questioned about Raise

What is The Raise App

Raise is a virtual assistant, supporting parents and caregivers in the journey of raising and developing children with a database of activities classified into 5 development groups: physical, cognitive, language, psychological – social, and aesthetic (guided by the Ministry of Education and Training along with Educational and Child Development organizations).

Based on children’s and users’ information, Raise provides personalized, daily activity content for adults to do with children. In addition to simple, easy-to-understand suggestions and instructions, Raise allows users to record activities, save experiences with children, evaluate, share and manage children’s development. Raise also understands that the journey of raising children is a journey of the whole family, so Raise allows users to optimize sharing and bonding activities in the family through the Family function.

Who should use The Raise App

Parents and carers of children aged 0-15 years.

In version 1.0, Raise focuses on the group of people who raise children from 0-6 years old, using the Vietnamese language.

In the next version, Raise will provide content in English to serve many families, in many other countries.

Is there a fee to use Raise

You and your loved ones can download the Raise app on your smartphone for FREE via the App Store (for iPhone users) or Google Play (for Android users).

Raise is committed to not collecting any fees from users for the basic services that we are currently providing on the App. In other words, users can experience and fully enjoy Raise’s features completely free in 2022.

Which method of education does Raise apply?

The activities that Raise provides are developed based on the Play-based Learning method. Simply put: children learn fastest through playing. While playing, children explore, take risks, develop their imaginations, and solve problems.

According to UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), scientific research over the past 30 years has taught us that the most important period of human development is from birth to eight years of age. These years are the foundation to help a person mature in all areas: cognitive, psychological, physical, linguistic, and aesthetic.

According to the researchers, playing is one of the most important ways for children to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills. Playing comes in many forms, and people of all ages, cultures, economies, communities, and beliefs know how to “play” and easily engage in these activities.

Does the content of Raise have a scientific basis?

All content provided by Raise is developed based on proven scientific methods and applied by leading child-rearing experts in Vietnam and around the world.

In version 1.0, Raise focuses on activities based on the Montessori method, which has been developed since the 1900s. This method is currently applied in over 25,000 schools worldwide.

In Vietnam, the Montessori method has been developing strongly in the past decade, with hundreds of Montessori schools, thousands of education experts, and tens of thousands of parents supporting it.

What is the educational orientation of Raise?

Each family, parent, and caregiver has unique expectations for their child. From Raise’s educational perspective, we encourage parents to raise their children to be healthy, confident, and happy people.

Many educational methods will be introduced in Raise for the caregiver to choose from. However, Raise’s educational orientation is consistent with the following views:

  • Every child is unique
  • Taking children as the center, promoting children’s self-learning ability and initiative
  • Adults act as companions, young guides
  • Don’t put pressure on performance, grades, or competition
  • Respect children’s differences and natural development
  • Filled with love and respect
How many children can I create a profile for?

Users can create up to 10 children on 1 account registered to use Raise.

With each child’s profile being a different display, caregivers can capture information and manage the child’s development in the easiest and most intelligent way.

How many people can I invite to the Family Group?

Users can invite up to 50 people in the Family group to have access to children’s information.

​Admin in the Family group (creator) has the right to delegate, invite or delete group member information.

Why should I creat a Family Group

Behind every child is a family. Let Raise help you connect with loved ones who participate in daily activities and stay informed about your child’s development.

The fact that all family members understand the child’s development process will create conditions for the child to develop more comprehensively.

Why should I provide information in my child’s profile?

Raise understands that every child is unique and every parenting journey is special. To personalize and customize plans for your child, Raise will need you to provide some information about your child’s age, gender, and prioritized activities.​

From this initial information, Raise helps you design activities according to the child’s age and stage of development, customized depending on the individual orientation of each caregiver.

Is my family’s and my information secure?

Raise is committed to keeping all information provided by you or collected by us from you during your use of the App confidential and not disclosed to any third parties in accordance with the Laws unless required to do so. from the competent state agency.​

For detailed information, please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at the Raise app or website